Learning Solutions
Mock Examination tool on Mobile.
India Plays BQC is a quiz with a single purpose. To prepare you to be the next Bournvita Quiz Contest Champion. With questions ranging from historical facts to geograp...

This is INDIA's first PLAY ALONG APP to be played live with BQC TV Show on Colours. This is a tool which could be used by most corporates, Media houses & Education Institutes to run Multi-choice Question Assessment / Mock Exam / Time Bound Exam etc.
1.Sarda University Student Attendance & Mentor Management
Android tablet based application that allows a student/ teacher to manage all their education as well other needs within the university effortlessly through a ‘TAP’ Attendance recorded through tap of tablet. No need for cumbersome roll calls. Similarity Performance Management System- Fees/Time table/Lecture schedules Student-teacher interaction on tablet through same app. Vehicle parking management integrated as well. All booking like Laundry, Auditorium, Music room, Acting class through this app Mentor group Management- Query and Feedback, Social Media connectivity,Grievance posting and Management.

2.Mobile Sales Force Automation
End to End SFA for field staff working to manage attendance, call center module to organize meetings, complete reporting module for with images, QR code scanner, RFID reader, payment collection, with product brochure and brief & incentive managing platform. This application based on Android running on any GPRS, GPS enabled phone can track, notify collection and sales to management anywhere in the world in real time thereby saving huge time.

Any industry doing merchandising, Insurance, Car sales, FMCG sales, any form of door to door sales.
3.Customer Feedback(Titan)
We developed an Tablet based feedback form which was connected to a server. Every feedback on tablet was assimilated on servers on real time and displayed to the management at headquarters.

100% success leading to total change in customer feedback collection and management.